Kitchen Lighting

Top tips for lighting a kitchen


Kitchens are one of the most used rooms within the home. They get used several times every day, sometimes for prolonged periods, especially if they also offer a dining function. As well as the frequency of use, they are inhabited at all ...

Bedroom Picture

Lighting a child’s bedroom


We may not immediately think of childrens’ bedrooms when we consider lighting design, but how a youngster’s room is lit is very important. As children get older, they spend more time in their bedroom, so it is important that the enviro...

Image of lighting a hallway

Tips on lighting hallways and stairs


It is sometimes easy to assume hallways and stairs don’t need much attention when it comes to décor and lighting. While it is true that we don’t spend a lot of time in them, they are simply there to either enter the property or move...

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2021 Neon signboard

2021 Lighting trends


Like all interior design elements, each year will bring new trends, ideas and po...

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