The increasing importance of home lighting

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With lockdown and the ongoing social distancing restrictions, we have all been at home more than ever over the past few months. With the home now being the place for most of our daily lives, whether working, relaxing, spending time with family or enjoying meals, lighting will have taken on a whole new role.

Lighting is proven to affect our mood, and even our productivity levels. That’s why it is important to make sure we have enough lighting in our space during the day, especially if we are working from home. But be sure to move to a softer light as you draw closer to bedtime – after all when we work from home, it can be even harder to mentally switch off and relax. Lighting can help ensure our bodies are ready for sleep.

If you have been having more meals with your family at the moment, then you will no doubt want a stronger light for those energetic times. However, if your date nights have moved to home now, and you want to enjoy a quiet meal either later in the evening or when your children have gone to bed, turning off the overhead lights and using wall lights, floor or table lamps, preferably on dimmers and of course candles, will help to create a soft, romantic mood.

Being at home all day may also have made you conscious of your energy consumption and costs. So now is a good time to make the switch to LED bulbs; they use much less energy than traditional bulbs and cost less to run.

If you want to make changes to your lighting scheme to ensure you can enjoy your home more during your additional time there, contact Truly Lighting to find out how we can help.