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Tips on lighting hallways and stairs

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It is sometimes easy to assume hallways and stairs don’t need much attention when it comes to décor and lighting. While it is true that we don’t spend a lot of time in them, they are simply there to either enter the property or move between floors, getting the look right will ensure these spaces are an integral part of a home.

Here are Truly Lighting’s three ideas to make your hallway and stairs more inviting:

  1. Halls and stairways can naturally be dark areas as they often don’t have windows. They will therefore need ambient light to ensure you can do everyday activities such as finding bags and coats in the hall, to moving up the stairs safely. If you opt for an overhead light, consider an interesting chandelier or pendant to create a focal point.
  2. Once you’ve got the ambient lighting right, adding some soft lamps on a console table, or a standing lamp if you have room, will increase the flexibility of the space. If you like a light on in the hall during the darker hours, lamps are a much better option than an overhead light, which will be too bright as you pass through the space to head to bed.
  3. If you have a narrow hallway or staircase, using small wall lights or a single pendant could be a good solution. Ensure wall lights are above head height, so you don’t risk knocking them when you walk past. Recessing lights in to the side of stairs to light the treads looks great and creates functional light without taking up any space.

Truly Lighting have a wealth of experience in creating unique lighting designs for residential properties including stairs and hallways. Contact us today to discuss your needs.