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2021 Lighting trends

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Like all interior design elements, each year will bring new trends, ideas and popular designs. Truly Lighting always keeps up with latest trends, ensuring we can advise our clients on the latest developments, technologies and designs. Here’s our owner’s, Christina Nicolaides, look ahead to 2021.

Hidden light sources

Truly Lighting has discussed hidden light sources before, and the move towards this. With smaller fittings, and new technologies such as LED strip lighting, it has become easier than ever before to integrate lighting into the architecture of a space. This means you see the light, not the source.  

Geometric shapes

This trend has seen a surge in popularity throughout 2020 and is set to continue throughout 2021. When choosing shades, fixtures and lamps, think spherical structures, balls, honeycomb shapes, cones, and spiral chandeliers. These geometric shapes make a subtle statement, can be chosen to complement existing décor, and if you are going to see the light source, it should be interesting.

Natural materials and tones

With the shift towards sustainability and a focus on the environment, more people are looking for lights that are crafted from natural materials. Not only are these more ecologically friendly, they have the ability to improve our home environment and make us feel happier about our choices. As well as the materials, this trend also filters into form, for example the inclusion of branch shapes, leave prints or glass in the form of drops.

Feature light switches

While many of us still want our light switches to be as hidden as possible, 2021 will see a trend towards making a decorative feature of them. In this trend, contrast will be an important element of this. So a black switch on a white wall for example.

If you are thinking of updating your lighting scheme for 2021, and want to discover more about latest trends and innovations, and how Truly Lighting can integrate these into your scheme, contact us today.