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Lighting a child’s bedroom

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We may not immediately think of childrens’ bedrooms when we consider lighting design, but how a youngster’s room is lit is very important. As children get older, they spend more time in their bedroom, so it is important that the environment is right for playing, learning, relaxing and sleeping.

Here are Truly Lighting’s top considerations for lighting your child’s bedroom.

Use natural light where possible

Be sure to arrange the furniture in your child’s bedroom to maximise the amount of natural light coming into the room. Don’t block the window with furniture or put too much on the windowsill. If your little one is a light sleeper, a black-out blind and/or curtains can help to keep them snoozing even when the mornings are bright in the summer.

To add extra ambient light for darker days or times when there isn’t much light in the room, an overhead ceiling fixture that can be dimmed as the evening approaches is a good choice. If you want something more decorative, consider a patterned shade or a fun chandelier. Harsh materials can be hard for young eyes, so opt for softer textures rather than anything glass or plastic.

Safety first

For younger children, make sure that light fittings cannot be touched and the bulbs themselves are out of reach. Some light bulbs can get very hot, although this is less of a risk with modern LED bulbs. However, it is not worth the risk of a burn or skin injury.

Task lighting

Many children will read or want a story before bed, so a bedside lamp is really important. This means the brighter, overhead lights can be switched off to help prepare their bodies and minds for sleep, and the lamp will provide enough illumination for reading.

For playing and relaxing, casual and fun lights such as fairy lights or light boxes can be a great addition to the room. These create a cosy atmosphere and one that is welcoming and inviting.

As your child gets older, they may benefit from a desk lamp for more structured reading and for doing homework.

Night lights

Some children prefer not to sleep in an entirely dark bedroom. Rather than simply dimming the overhead light, night lights have been specifically designed to stay on all night. Be sure that it is not too bright though, there is a balance between offering a reassuring glow and your child struggling to sleep because the room isn’t dark enough.

If you’re looking for advice on lighting your child’s bedroom, or any room in your home, Truly Lighting has a wealth of experience in creating unique lighting designs in residential environments, and beyond. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.