Kitchen Lighting

Top tips for lighting a kitchen

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Kitchens are one of the most used rooms within the home. They get used several times every day, sometimes for prolonged periods, especially if they also offer a dining function. As well as the frequency of use, they are inhabited at all points of the day; the morning for breakfast, through to the night time when getting a drink before bed.

With this in mind, here are Truly Lighting’s top tips on how to light your kitchen.

  1. Don’t overuse downlights
    It is very common in kitchens to have a ceiling full of downlights, simply because it is an easy catch-all solution. However, it results in an overly bright room, which is inflexible in its use – lights are generally on or off. Downlights will most likely form part of a kitchen lighting scheme, but it is important they are only placed where light is actually needed.
  2. Consider different options for task lighting
    One of the main functions of the kitchen is the preparation and cooking of food and meals. This is much easier when the surfaces are lit appropriately. A great solution is to have task lighting under top cabinets or shelves that illuminates the work surfaces below. Using overhead lights for this task can often result in unhelpful shadows.
  3. Create a layered approach
    To add depth to your kitchen lighting scheme, think about strip lighting either above cupboards, or around the bottom of an island if you have one. Another good option for layering is the use of floor washers.
  4. Remember any skylights
    If you have skylights, it might be worth adding lights around them. Otherwise when it is dark outside it can become a black hole. Strip lighting is a good choice for this purpose.
  5. Light up your island
    If you have a kitchen island, this will need its own lighting. Pendants work well, as do LED downlights. If these are on a different circuit to the other lighting in the room, you will then be able to use the island lights independently if you wish.

These are just some of the features to consider in lighting a kitchen. If you are working on or planning a kitchen project, contact Truly Lighting to see how we can make a difference with a bespoke lighting design.